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found hemorrhage the chief complication and notes instances

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careful in this instruction of the men composing the Hospital Cori s.

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In casting about for eligible substitutes the iodine tincture and

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decreased. The respiratory sounds in this area were weak and dis

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the Navy Department. The ship arrived at Newport September

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by occupation. He has enjoyed good health up to the time of his

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comminuted fracture of the right elbow. The wound was cleared of

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postponed and also that the hospital attendants should be sent on

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were allowed to move about. Each tent contained from to

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moning a Sanitary Conference to discuss the necessity for further

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deck as many as could work conveniently the fire rooms comparatively

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Each stateroom has a deadlight and air port by inches in

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woodwork has had two coats of paint and new brick steps were built.

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The National Health Society has placed six seats in the churchyard

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annex for kitchen purposes. The upper floor contains an office dis

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the service about tAvo years and had not been on liberty for three

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the opportunity to present him with a testimonial of their grateful

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tion seemed not altogether quite unsuccessful. To establish a sub

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The climate of the Philippine Islands in its relation to the force

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Plans and specifications for extensive repairs to the west wing or

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For the deck force there are practically no bathing facilities pro

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the excitation of an afferent nerve and the reflex paralysis continues

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The ship was at Honolulu from January to March then crossed

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for further hospital treatment. Continued under treatment. Num

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tion to their complements. There still remains of this money about

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galleries they had lent to the museum committee it became necessary