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bone is dragged into position, it may be held in situ by means of a
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double drainage, by making two openings in the chest cavity, is rarely
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in varioloid there is but little constitutional disturbance after the appear-
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develop a pyopneumothorax. At the post-mortem examination of one who
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With the advance of the disease, the fibrinous exudation increases in
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typhus fever can be readily made as soon as an eruption appears. The
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trophic conditions, due to the affection of the central nervous system,
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Chronic Arteritis is frequently spoken of as atheroma, endarteritis,
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important part in inflammation; this, however, is but another means of
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in this respect. The shorter and more gushing the murmur, the more ex-
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They call this the bacillus malaria. Roman physicians now claim ;hat they have found this in the human
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fever. Hypostatic congestion of the lungs and pulmonary oedema are as
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large size, result from these bronchiectases. As the disease progresses,
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returned to the abdominal cavity. The treatment of this hernia is either
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means of manipulation. Extension under ether is a bad procedure.
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the abdomen, and some local tympanitis. Hiccough is often obstinate and
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By Arterial Hemorrhage is meant bleeding from an artery. This
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lowed the teachings of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and the
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is small and round, it may pass to the bladder without difficulty,
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hemorrhage, and haemostatic remedies used, such as gallic or tannic acid,
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mass softened by rendering the passing of the stool easy. Where the
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ing, or including any of the cords of the brachial plexus, inasmuch as
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maintain that its daih' use does harm. The question, therefore, arises.
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sometimes met with in the cellular tissue of the surface and along the line
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wound, or a granulating sore, it is of great advantage in many cases.
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costal spaces. Select a needle of small size for the first tapping, and in-
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tense and come ou iu ])ar()xysm.s. The abdomen is distended, tymi)anitic,
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ing the catheter and the presence of residual urine, together with the
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not too much exposed. Prolonged operations are sometimes the source
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sary. The presence of several cloacae and a thickened condition of the
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of the surface, and impaired muscular contractibility ; later there is atrophy
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The pathology of the disease is that of a chronic inflammation. The
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Many deposits, m crystallizd and non-crystallized forms, appear in the
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It should be given in doses varying from five to twenty grains, three times