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of the living spaces men may be reached and cared for but never
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a distance of at least mile from probable sources of infection.
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provision and bury the body of any poor person which may be within
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condition and none the worse for its conveyance over the ocean
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partly from a history of previous paludal attacks. As cases began
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case being a typical one an autopsy was considered unnecessary.
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floors of bathrooms lavatories and vestibules of front entrance to be
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would be if it always retained the same position. It lengthens the
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North as recently as last month fifty vessels were held ice bound ofl
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TJie iavy. It is stated rather indefinitelj that there has been no
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a head case in the morning. Further investigation however very
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seriously injured instead of notifying a medical officer and waiting until
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must be injui ious in requiring great eliminative work to preserve
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of transfers to the hospital. There were cases of measles and
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drainage tubes and opening by incision sinuses of leg and insertion of drainage
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sion of the peace there should be constituted an administrative and
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been presented by the Committee to the Association. It is still
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where we arrived the same day a distance of miles from Shanghai.
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mentions no other treatment. He considers it useless to insist on pre
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A mild epidemic of influenza prevailed early in the year and there
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amount of monej expended get more food and a greater varietj Avith
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the storage tank a pump for that purpose has been installed in the
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of the drug and subsequently there is a steady fall amounting
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thirds. Special organs showed no pathological changes.
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exhausting and tedious in their recovery. Rest in bed cold
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is a large airj detached ward with about twenty beds in which whites
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acidity of the contents of the stomach and it is known that this
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the severity of the other symptoms. The treatment was directed
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be kept closed the atmosphere becomes very close and from the pres
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ing that the Branch had been supported in its opposition to the Medical
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sions that may have served to admit the micro organism. Various
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the scar together with the additional elastic area which it afforded
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phery not freely moveable painless. Cancer upon a lupus base is
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system through the medium of the respired air. Desiccation is not
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lower fragment was found by inspection to be closely attached to ulna
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ever was of such severity as to necessitate hospital treatment.
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be jaded and discouraged men who would respond to the next call to
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the berth deck men sleep air space per man about cubic feet.
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I. North Atlantic Station general record of each ship
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Transportation of sick and wounded see name of ship
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of as dangerous a character as the former outbreak and Manila Bay
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associates in social life and in professional experiences he has to
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agree with his usual modeof translating the word pori in other places.
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Of the above number appeared before the examining boards of
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condition of the as at the time of labor.. The probable r c
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holding of the daily sick call was most trying to patient and medical
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gradually disappeared but extreme tenderness remained and creiDitus
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tute and the Supreme Board of Health with all its interesting work
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there was a less number of admissions the increase in sick days being
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continued throughout the year to menace the health of the station.
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At noon pain became sharp and. gram morphia was given
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unprovided with medical officers from whom returns in detail are not
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Cases of disordered digestion on board and especially at sea when
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the disease. This he considered due to the active treatment includ
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Sir Your stricture on this matter being admittedly founded on
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of the urine forming calculi in the vagina producing a great deal
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sufficient general appropriations. It is earnestly reijuested that this
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June and for otlier pur ses. Congress inserted the following
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Vulnus sdojjeticum. On March a private marine aged i
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baskets as fhej were tossed from the ship to be refilled. Failing to
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its varied appearances is often able to make np by education for a
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cruising shij after exposure to marked and sudden changes of tem