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The clerk withheld the cheque there also. Ultimately it was decided

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alcohol in fit doses to improve nerve energy and so to increase the

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sons vomiting ensues and the patient tinds immediate relief and

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mortality from the disease at that port having been as follows Janu

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their discharge to duty all clothing bedding etc. of such cases were

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The humidity was rather high and the total rainfall during the year

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A ventilator feet square cut through the ceiling and extending

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The tumor enlarged softened and lost its pulsating character. An

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recovery without having received any operative intervention. The

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The Interpretation of the chlorine number in well waters by

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lation is poor as there is no direct communication with the outer air.

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loss of three pounds in weight and the urine was generally about

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latter that leprosy is not contagious and that heredity is all important.

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both thoracic and abdominal cavities. He lived for nine hours per

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the principal ones being their home surroundings b their want

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In considering the nature of injuries inflicted on bone at a distance

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The rehabilitation and renovation of all naval hospitals which was

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the seeds of future cardiac cerebral pulmonary and hepatic troubles

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has of course shrunk much by keeping owing to its brittle struc

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This with the antagonism of the metal has for occlusion anywhere

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for repairing and ecjuipping this hospital and informing Admiral Dewey

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sors several broken fragments of bone were removed the broken end

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has become disgusted with country practice seeks a much employed

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The facilities lor teaching arc now so complete thanks to the new

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as much as possible or altogether prevent which is practically impossible the

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the necessity for thorough and practical training of the corps both as

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bers rested primarily with the Branch Association in whose district

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of about feet which is remarkable for its rugged scenery and

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during the past year has not been satisfactory. Daring the summer

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been vaccinated on the receiving ship at New York about a month

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idty becomes weak and ansemic from the destruction of the red blood

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becomes nearly impermeable to water and must be remoA ed. From these brief

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ure the ship gave aid under orders from the avj Department

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building to take the place of the old dispensary. Plans and specifica

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was felt on the right side of the sternum the intercostal depressions

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doubled. The necessity for this large increase in hospital accommoda

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year added to the medical work. There are also women and

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The mental moral and professional examinations shall be conducted in accordance

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city was recently threatened by an invasion of the plague when that

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arrives when the muscle has outgrown the feeding powers of the coro

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Surgical operations.see Casualties Amputations Resections etc.

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inadequate in case of an epidemic or a large increase of marines. It

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water and no shore water is to be used for drinking purposes.

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Naval hospital Neiv York N. Y. The extensive repairs and addi

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and surgical supplies aids to wounded contrivances medical officer and

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Case. Gunshot wound of left ankle joint with compound com