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contractions whatever, were excited in the muscles, by the stimulus of the knife, and
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be aided by the application of hot cloths and by flushing out
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pinkish, violaceous, or bright-red fleshy vegetation occur-
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corrupting and malignant miasm and doubtless was the originating
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ment cf France undertook to give effectual assistance and
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The patient thought heavy lifting brought on these two mis-
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there was found one tubercle situated in the right side
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was repeated. She would make an effort to speak, and after fixing
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Obesity," the subject being treated from a strictly
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The observation should be continued over a period of some few
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changes from chronic alcoholic poisoning with fatty degeneration and
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covered with another, and when quite dry, put them into a jar,
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that it rises, instead of falling, when the rash appears ; and from that of
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Symptoms. — Acute glanders is characterized by languor; dry,
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variety of fermentation. But now, if a portion of the I
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tion, probably for a year or thereabout, and is a good
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exist iii its interior. lu the regions where there are vesicles the con-
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suspension alone. This indicates again that the inhibitory salts
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infection or to a general disease. Infections of the bladder
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in some recent experiments with the Wolf electrical
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The following were the two cases observed by himself:
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Then he began to regulate his diet. He had read of the uric
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add as much more water (cold) as will make it palatable. A
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been made to improve matters to some ex- 462.51. A very fair dividend, all things
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F. R. C. S., published in The Lancet of October 14, 1876, contain many
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was formally opened for the reception of patients Feb-
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strong solution of ferric alum was sufficient to stop the
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definition. We cannot speak too highly of this machine. The
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Herniotomy, preferable technique Hyperesthesia of uterus during