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the temperature reached 103° F., no medicine being used. The bar-
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called tuberculous diathesis are frequent sufferers from catarrhal affec-
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inch in length may be detected. Microscopically, they have been found
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the susceptibility to the disease. In certain epidemics the disease has
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its own, a woody odor, a raw odor, and so has the deadly
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made worse by serum was 3, and among these there is only 1 case in
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tenleutgeben during twenty -five years, of which only six per cent left
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country particularly, we find such atmospheric conditions and
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There is another important measure, in addition to this
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of the usual form of the disease (epi-
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broken up, has recently received the ajipointineut of Assistant
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condition of tension of the skin may thus be readily varied in the most
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respiration measurements, which demonstrated that the last two
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reduced douches, for the purpose of overcoming the spastic contraction
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hyperplastic connective tissue. As to the tubercle bacillus,
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ers. Under this category come the cases in which the deadly poison is
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increase of red blood cells amounted in fifty-six individuals to 1,860,000
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light and perfect tub, capable of holding twenty gallons of water. It
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employ rubbing. Everybody who had tried the more recent method,
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breathing, and rapid pulse, use serum therapy subcutaneously
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In the same little lecture-room Dr. S. Weir Mitchell now
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often becomes a question with a dealer whether he shall give
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abeyance. AVith reference to the etiology of this form one fact needs
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twenty-four hours. Patient exceedingly nervous, sleepless, sometimes delirious,
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in typhoid ; but this fact is only of value when there is marked increase
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hydrotherapy as an important element in the treatment of phthisis,
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f ant's digestion? (3) Can it be given in quantities adapted
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Aveek in severe cases, Drs. Ashby and Wright reporting a death within
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they have been reduced in frequency. Murchison's statistics of 1,271
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pression and choking of the blood-vessels by the cell-infiltration, and
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much cream will appear as you are to give the milk credit for,
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the stratum reticularis, the elastic fibres form a network which, by
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are among the frequently associated conditions, and secondary bron-
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to 20 grains (1.036 to 1.296) in most temperate climates. When this
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give us better fruit and commence to bear earlier, but their
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while the most simple hydriatic measures afford comfort and neutralize
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inclined. I do not remember that any one took the fever from
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Fevers offer the most prolific field for hydrotherapeutic success.
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ent from that produced by alcohol. God help the man who
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that husbands have been frequently observed to contract the disease
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with the body by the sciatic nerve. Now he applied thermal,
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zymotic disease extends only a short distance in the country,
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disease. W^e were interested to look up the deaths from profound
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tory System, more particularly Hypertrophy and Dilatation of the
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Dermatology: George Elliott. Anesthetics: .Samuel Johnston.
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occurrence of the crisis is marked by rapid improvement in the symp-