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nervous system having been shown to be the agent by which diabetes

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who attends a patient in labour to examine her carefully at the

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September following the usual course. It is likely again to appear

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Naval hospital Cavite Fhilippine Islands. The assembling of a

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A detailed account of his investigations will be found among the

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account of professional experiences with kondepeste cholera orien

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practically obliterated. So numerous Avere the adhesion and so

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Table V. United States Maritie Battalion North Atlantic Fleet Detailed Statement.

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Of those affections peculiarlj incident to war operations in a trop

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on these occasions and consequently throwing themselves into the abyss of cholera.

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Of general infectious diseases there were treated at this hospital

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about the vagina and rectum below we find this cellular tissue

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distinct historj of sj philis contracted in February followed by

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tion Messrs. Gerhardt and Schjerning for section Messrs. von

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plication of croton oil or by some ipustnlating ointment. Internalh

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forcibly expelled by the rhythmic impulse of the left ventricle of the

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and general discomfort on the recommendation of the medical officer

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that the cases of fever among the troops were incipient typhoid and

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means of a steel spring concealed and imbedded in the cover. The

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domestic duties. Although warned by her own sensations in the form

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Additional evaporators and distillers were installed during the year

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ployed again. When I saw him the following day I managed to

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No urinals were originally supplied. Two shallow metal urinals have

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by old adhesions and the lower part contained about ounces of

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Palermo and of the patients treated by him according to his sys

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the same as seen in the worst forms when the GfTervesence and

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congestion and from plethora and increased vascular action

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assistant surgeon have availed themselves of the special facilities

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large and tlie place well ventilated through tlie turrets. About

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demands it to avail themselves of the advantages afforded by a course

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navigator aid to commanding officer and myself. The visit in each

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ation of the penis scrotum perineum and buttocks. The scrotum

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is at this stage Avhen the eruption on trunk and limbs makes its

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years of training. Such a man is self reliant and accustomed to the

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lons all of which can be used to hold washing and drinking water.

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During the stay of the ship at Port Low Guacanec Island the crew

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eral of tlie best men and noncommissioned oilicers have figured largely

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Imperial Guards from Japan to Formosa about this time.