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Practice of Massage. Its Physiological Effects and Therapeutic Uses.
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lation. There is, from this standpoint, no luxus consumption of proteid
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The Bill related only to the setting up of a central organisa-
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Asa rule, the remedies which are given as expectorants are not indi-
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The impositions on the Charity Hospital, 20,000 cases hav-
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soup sufficiently concentrated to jelly on of the patient.
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cosuria was first detected in INIarch, 1908; she had been more or
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but later the interval was lengthened to one month. After the first five treat-
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contracted and adheres to the capsule of the lens, thus
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to go into details in regard to them. In only a few cases was there
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seum of Art. Another favorite with him was the " Battle of Waterloo." It was
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systems, etc. Insomnia due to gout and to toxic agents,
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siimalantfl and nutritious diet should be given to support the strength, with the hope
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the Occurrence Of what are Called (2) Cortical tube, infarcted with epithelium, and
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of attracting bacterial invasion when micro-organisms are
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each dose can be followed and the succeeding dose properly estimated.
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is over-excitability of the central nerve-cells. In order for elec-
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street, and will be illustrated by specimens from the Society's cabinet, by recent specimens, and by
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febrile exacerbations, profuse perspirations, especially at night time, i^iid
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of the sporozoites is retarded, but they will grow into adult
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typhoid fever. The rise from 98.5° (the normal degree) is gradual,
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presence in great numbers in the fluid evacuations produced by the
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micronudeus swells, its chromatin becomes granular, elongated,
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surface of the s kin ulcerates. In this way a firm adhesion is effected in
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mittee can secure for them reduced hotel and railroad
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the morning, step-like, until about the end of the first
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such a degree that some of the leading authorities 'could not repress a fear
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deficiency. The most reliable means at our hands for this purpose, are
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their size, their reaction to direct light, their consensual reaction
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'have an opportunity for acquiring some knowledge of the other
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sisters of from 15 to 20, yet the fertility of the latter
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staphylococcus, formerly classified as the staphylococcus
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Secondary deviation of the sound eye. This is always greatest on
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Resolved, That the inmates of all houses where smallpox develops
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advantage possessed by copper oleate over all others, I should
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such an extent as to make the passage of the bile impossible, since the wall is stiff, whitish-
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Dr. Henry Kennedy. Certainly, under strychnine, the first sound of the
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of food as are easily digested, — in brief, to aim chiefly at reducing
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