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Since the disease was introduced into nearly eveiy i refecture of the

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Bacteriological and chemical laboratories at naval hospitals

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were established and at the time of our departure the results were

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the sympathy between the stomach imd brain. Where the urine is

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any condition which can be regarded as the cause of the disease in

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The Dominion of Canada Republic of Mexico and some or more

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middle ages and are still found defenders as late as the sixteenth

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the bacteria found in the river water was removed by filtration. Under favorable

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tient remarks its metallic taste in the mouth and throat ordinarily

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method and furthermore that all patients discharged as improved

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similar programme cannot be beyond human power. What has been

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are favorable. The usual means of purification were afterwards

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action of the heart was rapid throbbing and that there seemed to

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for the enlistment and training of all naval apprentices who on account

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passages necessitates the establishing of two stations ibr the wounded

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for the repairs and renovation of the United States naval hospital

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and F. as an average maximum and minimum at this time of the

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transmitted to other glands of different bodies and producing like

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water closets. Plans for the improvement of the steam steering room

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which the symptoms of hereditary disease would present themselves.

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The engine room on the other hand is miserably ventilated if it

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Europe and America. A greater proportion of primary ulcers are

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mouth until it was melted then swallow drop by drop.

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unmistakable evidence of the existence of fluid wh ch occupied about

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compress to wound and the bandage. It is astonishing to find the

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Throughout the whole discussion this seemed apparent as the strong

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study. With the exception of the American Gynajcological Society

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tion. The sail locker which is forward of the sick hay and separated

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San Francisco to Yokohama Japan I found serious defects in the

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open slate urinals with new plumbing throughout. Increased ventila

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that period onlj cases were admitted to the sick list and of these

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