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Kirkwood on account of the state of his health had been obliged to

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ences upon health incident to prolonged crnising in tropical waters

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At Pointe a Pitre Guadaloupe the deaths exceed the births. The

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relieved from begging supplies so frequently from larger vessels

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patients transfers to hospital discharges from the service and deaths on each

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up and head off the pillow. After the fifth day the temperature began

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Water is taken regularlj from shore as its cost is much less than

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and rapid heat conduction that causes the distress and rapid vital

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their use but all except have been removed and the space thus

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having only the bowls to use they keep clean with much difficulty.

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skin and its glands mucous membranes and glands nipples and

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trization and destruction of the parts immediately involved. Many

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to light. Every such case must stand or fall upon its own merits

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ful examination of the gills and mantles of these oysters was made

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appointed from resident physicians of the port in which quarantine

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and that service unfortunately is not the naval service. There are now

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muddy on and about October and the rain having fallen almost

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There are three hospitals in Freetown all in charge of colonial sur

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fourth ribs and traversing the chest made its exit just below the spine

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teriological examination either of the skin or of the serum obtained

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east monsoon prevails from December to Febrnarj andtlie sontliAvest