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has given rise to two schools of medicine as it were and
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Preliminary steps have beeu taken by tlie Bureau to carry out tlie
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Avortli institution. It is built on the pavilion system is beautifully
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The water closets are so placed on the windward side of the whole
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redress we must say that its consideration brings us to the last
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The next feature in the ship is the accommodations for the crew.
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foundation up to floor level will be of concrete or cement mortar and
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panying an army in the future to care for the transportation of the
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at frequent intervals and so far no case of variola or varioloid has
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a Pasteur department where inoculation for rabies is practiced.
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on the deck above in the waist of the ship a considerable distance
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fectious disease hospital in room for disinfected articles and
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The next paper was a report of the committee on Animal diseases
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steam trials last September the number of cases of heat exhaustion
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teriological tests have not shown comi lete destruction of life in micro
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structure and on the berth deck. For hygienic reasons it would be
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regarded as extremely unusual. Lancet Oc T. Hospital
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destroyed Spanish fleet at Santiago to Portsmouth N. H. immediate
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sity of providing improved accommodations for the sick and wounded on
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Naval hospital Norfolk Va. The accommodations have been greatly
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Manila Philippine Islands from Mare Island Cal. The adequacy of the
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During the year there were admitted to the sick list cases of
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men who commit greater excesses in eating and drinking. Young
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of the Pacific Station. in the South Atlantic squadron in
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