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calf muscles. At times the attack ends in fatal collapse. The stools are

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sodimn biurate, the crystals being distributed throughout the implicated

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of cases of pulmonary phthisis must have been struck by the relative

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very first. The pulse is much quickened, and becomes progressively

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The Advisory Committee is composed of ; Professor F. G. Banting,

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his legs fwell. He advifes, to anoint the belly with

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for that the mortality amongft fowls was pretty general

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manent, and tends to increase from recurrences, at longer or shorter

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plants prejudicial to the health of cattle fhould be

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frequently been mistaken for one or other of these diseases, and the

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vomit contains blood or biliary colouring matter, and may be luminous

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movements, the movements and shape of the side bow of the back

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The veins of the nose form a network in the deeper parts of the tunica

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tended for fattening ; for as thefe require a different

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cultures of human tubercle bacilli, into the peritoneal cavities of fowls.

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Pasteur treatment. — In every case where a patient has been bitten

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cultures than in old. Frequently the bacilli do not stain uniformly, but

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in some of our large towns, and the extent to which serious illness occurs

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The sense of weight, fulness, and oppression in the epigastric region

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the second division the upper jaw region^ — the third division the lower

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monftrous produftions. If no accident befalls tliem,

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fibrillation ?" the reply, "give digitalis." I was astonished recently to

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main chaimel of <>xcretion is considered to be the urinary tract,

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"The Residts of Three Years" A\'ork in the I'eparluu'nt of

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by a nutrient enema of 10% glucose in saline, 6 oz. to 8 oz. t.i.d. A little bromide

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correct in principle ; they are thoroughly effective in the lower animals

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in the sugar balance, but a few hours after delivery she developed severe

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may assume a ringed appearance, being pale and somewhat depressed at the

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foregoing forms a peculiar multiflagellated organism (Fig. 40, c ; Fig. 41, e),