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first decade of the th century. Philosophic biologists like

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may last twenty five days it is worth while to quarantine a person

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healthy man. lint always higli strung and rather nervous. He thought that

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through the Central Indian campaign was present at sev

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Art. XXYL Diseases of the Bladder and Urethra in Women. By Alex

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lingham H. AV. Intestinal obstruction caecum opened

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sary requirements as to attendance amp c. on the courses

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been shed either in the upper or lower jaw. There were

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side. The child had conjoined with this an achorous eruptiou

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of the stifle joint and allowing the patella to move outwards. In some

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The heat from the original arc is so intense that to prevent cracking

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The tumor of the left patella was the smaller of the two

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four weeks until the bones are healed and he can use his leg

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treated uterine cancer know the sickening odor of the vaginal dis

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anesthesia was utilized in the management of these children.

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Abstract oj Observations mxide in the City oj Dublin Lai.

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State Board of Medical Examiners for Nurses shall be elected by ballot on

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ciety on this question but can offer a reasonable con

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cords ordering excessive tests behaving in a way that indicates

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occurred or a foreign body lodged beneath the skull.

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the ingenious experiments on which he foimded his theory of

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a foECulent character but on the seventh day small quantities of bloody

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typical parasites will always be found in stained preparations if carefully

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prominent physicians of Montclair N. J. died at his

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the field in which they were confined made their way

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down of the amount of air actually delivered but frequently one is not

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was soon freed by his fellow workmen and conducted to the hospital.

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tion therefore either some particular organs act in a feeble manner or the

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believe we will keep them out of this town in the future.

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yet almost every case on record so treated resulted in death The

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of the Christian Era. They were neglected by those best skilled

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Ktiology. Enough has been said to indicate the uncertainty as to

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