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I fully realize that during the coming year many problems of a serious nature will arise.

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riod she was to all outward appearances well. She at

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I to 104, inclusive, 106, 107, 109, no, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120,

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there any tendency toward the formation of an hour-glass

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(26) Descent of the souls. Above, a blue and white canopy (heaven?) ;

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the influence of the profession in the community and eventually to destroy the

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% Brit, and For. Med.-Chir. Review, vol. xii. p. 306.

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recurrences may take place at intervals of four or five weeks.

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penons who daily use quantities of pepper, mustard, and other spices,

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almost always has an overcoat at hand, and when the

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But in severe cases the skin beneath the scabs is excoriated or ulcerated,

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will frequently differentiate the latter two from the former. If the in-

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sensitivity renders all natural or processed milks*

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Tinctura Digitalis. Tincture of Digitalis. (U. S. & B. P.)

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public schools, and 19,000 school children. It has been my respon-

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eight years in the hospitals of London,* and which has been

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4. Wolfsohn, A. W. : Uremia due to renal lymphomatosis,

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a general hypertrophy of the connective tissues, as in

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ther. But in si.riple rupture of the vagina, unless the child have

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in January; and a few weeks ago, zero, or no excretion what-

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cainnot lift the paralyzed arm and foot an inch from the bed ; the mouth

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Hypersensitivity readions have been reported in about 1 5 percent

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vulsions, may be meningitis, especially of the vertical kind ; but it may

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one-half inch from the anal opening. When the needle has been

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and Cullen. Chemistry : Chaptal and Woodhouse. Materia

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agent; he consults the doctor; a certain line of treatment is advised;

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were 92 cases altogether, 57 of them in employes and 35 insane

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its ordinary form, is the most frequent of the pulmonary inflammations, and

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Presented before the Physicians Association, Department of

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afforded constant themes for discussion, and its contents were con-

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or five weeks, and anchylosis will usually be avoided, unless.

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To be just, there are many points in this work, es-

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Small-pox and kine pock, facts relating to, by Pardon

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with paralysis when some miles from home. He was in doubt lest

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from which the infection is derived. The prognosis is much more favorable

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mixed in the following proportion and in the following order: