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quently in nearly all cases the temperature charts show but moderate
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While the ship was at Southampton England I availed myself of the
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to explain an outbreak of intermittent fever. All these conditions
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After hearing the above evidenc I was asked as an expert wit
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In all cases in which the term of enlistment has expired a careful
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too the difference in language dissimilarity in customs etc. make
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So many complaints of ophthalmopathy so called for want of a bet
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vessels were distended and they were everywhere even in the sub
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losis while an adjacent room is occupied by the hospital employees.
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the health of the crew has been excellent and the extreme cleanliness
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transferred by ambulance ship. If this is considered essential in an
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returned to duty required fixation of the knee in plaster the adhe
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notwithstanding the ease with which this work could have been
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cholera spirillum and acid added to each one showing the cholera red
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chill or dizziness report at once to the medical officer.
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the medical officers. Out of vaccinations very few of which
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were divided from the mouth almost to the hyoid bone. These slough
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epidemic at the time of their departure. The fifth case although
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izations have been observed in Japan since that time. This matter
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Health of navv yards marine barracks and other shore stations general
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feet of space fumigated. The bilges were all pumped out and disin
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motion was carried unanimously That it would be conducive to the
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pressure was greater by. inch the barometric monthly range
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involved. There is no sign that the lesion has extended above the
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Poliomyelitis anterior report on epidemic of at Guam L. I.
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much bile pigment. Each of the patients had an axillary bubo and
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diarrheal affections tyi hoid fever and venereal diseases and
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Bryant follows ho says Trousseau in advocating the procedure at
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International Congress of Medicine International Congress of
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been concreted and a gate for entrance into the stable grounds has
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was begun on November and has developed into an undertaking of
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Close examination however during this later stage of the disease
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acids are grateful and perhaps beneficial. Thus the fever is to be
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perature was F. vomiting condition unfavorable. He passed
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compressor occupies most of the starboard side of the after turret
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Injuries and poisons. Nineteen cases of local injuries cases of
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June with the typical symptoms of acute articular rheumatism in
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in the country of the anaesthetic type for whom the Government is
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From January to February the BaUimore lay in the harbor of
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force being inadequate to the care of the grounds. A mess attendant
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With regard to such cases the question arises Which is thepoisonous
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the usual monthly examinations for the Licences of the College held
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ating thence all over the abdomen with sickness. They lasted for
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creating a board of Medical Examiners and with the exception
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through the month of December. The sudden change from three
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injections of carbolic acid at the locality of the wound. The reports
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has been cordially seconded by Commander A. Dunlap United States
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The external treatment consists in the application of a large
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of x revious years is undoubtedly due to the substitution of cistern
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were estimated by Dr. La Garde or Nancrede about wounded
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Should these flannels ever be omitted during the daytime there
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The question of battle station and transportation of wounded in