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of a pigeon's egg ; a large number of nodules were scattered through-
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The Medical Bill.— Vix. Southam (Manchester) proposed, and Mr.
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Dr. Elliot: That a volume of Transactions be annually published
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a length of twenty to twenty-four inches, and at a few other points
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the urethral orifice I was in the habit of dividing the penis with a
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the present time it has been but little studied in animals. I have
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grew so marked that the animal, even at moderate paces, several times
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Feb. 24th. He was up and diessed. There was no pain whatever
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size of a nut; both kidneys were reddish, and their surface was
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steam whistles which divided the day Into three parts.
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nary forms of apoplexy ; but it does occur in sunstroke, and is strongly
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months the new birds, though at first healthy, soon become ill and die
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the night the eye was several times fomented with wadding saturated
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ago in this way. In the year 184S or 1849, a travelling jeweller, who
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nued ; (l>) that the dress be reasonably adapted to the temperature; (c)
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"That the ' Report of Council' now read be agreed to and entered in
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after placing a twitch on the upper lip, and lifting one of the fore-feet,
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jaw ; then shot up along the course of the inferior dental nerve, and
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could not be detected through the chest wall. The respirations were
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breaks of pneumonia were frequent. In consequence of an attack of
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On the 2ist the general condition was stationary. Respirations 28,
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of the bacillus when introduced into the bodies of birds. M. Martin
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selves that a similar or even larger dose produced no disturbance in a
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— in the form of pain, and flushed face, and anxious expression, is of
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extent of the injury ; perhaps a debridement or other operation effected to
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several turns of raising blood, &c, and at length became so reduced that her life was
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The wound had healed and the urethra was widely open. The animal
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hospital; but was seen on April loth, free from pain. The case was
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At the January sessions held at Blandford in 1634, it was represented
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the brain exempt from all syphilitic forces. The subsequent injuries of
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at one view all that is known about a class or an order. 'I'he descriptions
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After the address, Mr. Young (the President of the Reading Branch)
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tainly there is no happiness within this circle of flesh,
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than that procured by the inhalation of ether, chloroform mixture, or
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one might well claim credit, even though he imported little or nothing
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tedious in a large proportion of those aflected with inflammation of the