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August The control tube did not sliow any growtli but remained

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almost horizontal direction. The neck and head of the humerus were

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is generally but a trivial though very painful disorder may from

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several a few days. One case suffering from shock I kept on hand

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It might be asked then why is it that the intense sunlight which

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tions and no human being can work efficiently in such a temperature

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the disease has been identified that two very long intervals have

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ing and washing is obtained from a deep well. The supply has always

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on the Massachusetts and Indiana have not occurred on this ship.

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weight in tlio side when the pain is relieved. At the first moment

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Of the patients invalided to hospital were for venereal diseases

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probabilities until the pathology of the complaint is better under

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there were pain and some swelling just below tubercle of left tibia

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After leaving Honduras our Southern cruising was confined almost

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and should be repaired. The exterior wood work including veranda

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shoulder joint and the patient made a good recovery. This patient

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occurred in a seaman years of age who had been recently enlisted

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uncertain and indefinite at the i resent time. Let the general surgeon

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ceptible to the chancroidal virus and its effects. Adenitis inguinalis

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A MaXUAL of the PilACTICE OF SuRGERY. By W. Fairlee

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gastrium with a disposition to vomit. Physical examination

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years from retroversion of the uterus cervical endometritis and

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that this parasite may remain in the tissues in a state of absolute

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prevalence on a verj large scale. It notes further that similar local

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have frequently taken. In consequence my mind remained very

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Chef Yokohama Shanghai and Manila it has always made its

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gical Museum. Dr. Hamilton will commence his leclares next

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Four cases of hernia were admitted during the year one being a

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to these were issued about suits of white working clothes and

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and stone mosaic. The firemen s wash room is situated on the berth

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treatmeut. Of cases of febris enterica were returned to duty and

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The decks below the main deck are all shellacked and can be readily

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In the marine barracks the plumbing of the west wing and main

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I shall supplement this report with a review of the various papers

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months. The accident he was sure had its effect upon the heart

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We should endeavor to oppose leprosy also from an economic point

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periphery of the nerve which arc believed to supply the central

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neuritis neurosis heat prostration sciatica paranoia aniyotroj hic

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There was a compound comminuted fracture of the left parietal bone