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chloroform in the usual way. There were no unusual sym-

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Officer of Healtn fo» the Wiveliscombe Urban Sanitary District.

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lateral perforations near the end, and covered with thin

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so ready to impose quarantine restrictions in the cholera

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enteric), and 11 from small-pox. These .3.50 deaths were equal to an

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non-delivery of the Journal, etc., should be addressed to the Manager,

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to doubt as to freedom of other parts of France from cholera.

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should be ehaced by the strong arm of t)ie law." " To come to the point,

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contributions to journals, he advertises in the present volume

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hospital against all other infectious diseases is under consideratlou.

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fusion, so that if the pulse again failed the transfusion should

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suprapubic leakage to an end. Early in August all was perfectly healed,

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in the form of thunderstorms in the summer and autumn. It

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Large 8vo, pp. 548 ; 14 marks.)— A new edition of a standard

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was alleged to have told the hypnotising husband that "he

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the large intestine, when injections have failed, and where

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order of the auUiorities and careful examination. This was

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warded post free on application to Mr. F. Addiscott, Secre-

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perature — we must consider it in reference to its influence on

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mountains among the 91 arrests. I have kept nearly all the

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Small pos cases were again about 50 in number last weelc in the metro-

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tracts. In both my cases the nuclei of the third, motor nuclei

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on March 29th. Members desirous of exhibiting or reading notes of cases

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utterly broke down as soon as the patients were counted by

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