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orders, and of the importance of hydrotherapy in various
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induced him to believe that he had taken arsenic instead of calomel, as he
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ever, in many other instances. They would have to be
a pad, inside the cast, over the hump. One fits on the hump,
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transformed. The pulse was only 80, the goiter and tremula-
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ence of the elaterium does not lessen the excitant power of the calomel over
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with complete obstruction of the common duct. Under bile
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'says it is the casein in the milk which prevents the
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That these facts should escape the notice of the merely medical reader is
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is not altogether clear. In adults it is known that the
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neighboring organs, and not infrequently disturbs their
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side effects of long term use of cabergoline
John D. Hall, Feb. 2; Philip F. Harvey, Feb. »; Charles B. Byrne,
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experience has completely established the fact, that erysipelas is contagious,
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object to one or two inadvertences ; for example, where he remarks, or leaves
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charnel house, the museum, the laboratory and the infiimary.
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Deynaud, on the Sany-bel River, Florida, found him labouring under symp-
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prominent newspaper. He thinks that Congress would never
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Curious Case of a Sixth Dentition. By M. Lison, M. D.^ — Nature fol-
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abdomen to the spinous process, seventeen inches. She was ordered a
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although in slightly modified ,fe^j^^ j^t^a^^by^^iji^ed into
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genius that might otherwise have slumbered; to no fosterincr patronao-e
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whole surface of the cranium. The arachnoid was of a light slate colour,
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This woman is now 59 years old. She was married at 28, and
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Greentown, vice-president; Dr. William Harrison, Kokomo.
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ment of Health investigated 230 cases of persons bitten
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the mean duration of treatment was 18^ days for each patient. The mean
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among the incurable and hopeless cases, after a great variety of treatment
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and Villernay, in France, and Mr. Ferrall, in Ireland. The author then
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gland first begins to soften. He permits the seton to remain for only twenty-
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presence of such indication from the sloughing of a portion of the scalp, a
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4th Quotidian ; half a dram. The paroxysm retarded and weakened for
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helps to explain the process known as uleut ex digestione in
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marks that while teachers often pose aa philanthropists selfish
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• Des Pertes Seminales Involuntaires, par M. Lallemand, Professeur t la Faculte de
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CASE 108. — Operator, Beynler ; 1882. Dorsal region ; female, 80;
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thicknesses of gauze soaked in flexible collodion in all but the
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8. — This article was noticed editorially in The Journal of