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effect. "Dr. J. E. Finch had several consumptive patients
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a gall-bladder and sewed the gall-bladder on to the ab-
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openings the clots of the aneurism and effected growth there before death,
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Ejnlepsy. — The relation of cholin to epilepsy is the subject of
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it is possible to double its capacity." An effect much short of this would
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release the catch ; and in such a way that immediately
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further escape of blood from it into the sac, and in consequence of which the
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places forming considerable bordering groves, individual trees attain-
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The quantity of motion in a moving shot is spoken of as its momentum,
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optic neuritis nor oculo-motor paralysis ; family history of consumption. Right
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fresh from the Cairo Zoological Gardens. The terms in parentheses are those
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— The Report of the Committee of the New York State Medical
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to the presence of tumors. In such cases the mortal-
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in some cases of cerebral hsemorrhage, and which has been generally
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off immediately. In the course of about half an hour to an hour and
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a uterus that was removed per vaginam. The patient claimed to have been
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plants or otherwise provided for under special instructions from the
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branes are often in direct proportion to the ulceration and purulent
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of August in others. Hence the reason why late planted are more liable
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ivETS." Leucorrhoea vanishes like magic. I am Yours truly,
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tive procedure, often that of the .species of animal
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graphy of disease, the author proceeds, in part II. of this
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specific types. Indeed the results obtained both here and elsewhere
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with in calves at birth. The heart may be seen outside
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of iodine in the thyroid, ("onflicting views as to the significance of Iho
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have been partially carried out during this year. They were
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it, excepting by Linesus, who has given a correct de-
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& Billet, A.: Sur le Trypanosoma inopinatum de la grenouille verte de I'Algeri
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extract injected. Oct. 30, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. 5 cc. of choroidal extract injected.
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tant changes may all take place in a few minutes. Additional symptoms
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