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and again very recently. His attacks were associated with cough

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necessity. There are none now on the regular roll of the Bureau.

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directly from the gall bladder into the stomach. This obviously was

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yellow fever and no liberty was permitted at night and no fruits

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tonitis to the naval hospital Mare Island Cal. on March

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I visited the general hospital. It is an institutioli of beds for

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borne children. One of the symptoms she has complained of is

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In connection with this subject of refreshing drinks for sick men

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exposure and to give the best care and attention to the sick. The

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pletely filled the space between it and the surrounding bone. This

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nourishment. In all the convulsions the body turned to the right

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When you approach the bedside of an ordinary patient you are

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If one should treat as many cases of leprosy as Danielssen did there

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the morning after. In most classifications of remedies met with in

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is not recorded in mountainous portions of the country.

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ing the summer and fall months. The number of malarial diseases

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from each of the lower to the upper bunkers at several situations.

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