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scribed assists in overcoming the spasm of this muscle which is
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causing obliteration or total destruction of the appendix
attendants in the various Paris hospitals. There can
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Fig.. A hyportrophied adenoid blocking off air supply and causing enlarge
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this time opportunities for the employment of the highest men
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In some cases of this accident the symptoms of peritonitis
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The Preliminary Autumnal Term for will commence on Wednesday Sep
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the pylorus where hyperacidity of the gastric juice is at a
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together and allow the clamps to stay on until they
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disappeared. We know that our Pharmacopceia becomes
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renal passages and the variations in the character of the
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application of sponges imbibed with the decoct cort. salicis quer
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To the Members of the House of Delegates of the American Medical
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pression. Often also there is headache of no definite
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is consequently retarded. Sometimes diarrhoea alter