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year he was Prosector to the Chair of Anatomy. In 1872

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the weight, the thickness, the volume, the alteration, — nothing

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The Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital was chartered by

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crease from about 400 to over 900 confinements a year,

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phenomena. Thus, although the patient will not allow you to

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vitality in pneumonia. If the patient is very weak, Ruddock

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cal colleges in such wise as to enable them to be independent of

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feel that confidence because it is given in accordance with a

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usually found in retroversions and flexions, or in endometritis ;

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The etiology of pulmonary diseases is a subject which, thanks

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for 1886 the largest and best session of the American Institute

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giving a special attention to concomitant symptoms, and to hold

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one of them Dr. Thomas J. Wheeler, of Rutledge (now Conewango),

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entation of the system is from the French of two pupils of

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Zealand, lasted six years, after which he returned by way of Hawaii

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Dr. Bang married, in New York City, May 18, 1882, Frances Goel-

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successful, and in the field of abdominal surgery he has

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at his credulity ; but a statement so startling as the above,

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which it is formulated here. But you have heard of dilutions

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tonic ; and they are the same now, although anti-spasmodics,

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titute, — statistics which prove with a clearness startling to even

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is wanting. Of the two fragments one has the shape of a

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liberty and life were endangered because of his religious beliefs, be-

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Dr. Ware was married on October 4, 1888, to Caroline L. Barlow,

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Shortly before the World War, Dr. Walsh 's book on Psychotherapy,

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Middleton Michel, who were doing their best for medical

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becomes, under modern therapeutic usage, a menace to the sick ;

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Surgery, to be attained by students in the four years' course who at the end

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humerus, cause furrows, hollowing otd, simple perforations, or

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I protest against it in the name of helpless infancy, whose cries