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A case of niorbilli reported on Maj the infecting point being
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the natural growth and development and which are quite naturally
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was about the same in organization as Ilikoshima. The capacities of
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highly offensive evacuations cough pain referred to upper part of
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of the Navy for since. In a ship with a company number
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before specific treatment was commenced. In general he recommended
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for the wardroom and junior officers. They are large well arranged
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plete stagnation of the apparently shut in blood contained in the
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mitting the communication from his Government stated that the con
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ing on April. The visit was responsible for cases of continued
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Medical officers are handicapped in their professional work by inefficient subordi
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monsoon from June to August. During the rest of the year the
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bone while the patient was under the influence of chloroform. For the
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wardroom and one forward in the compartments on the berth deck
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fast and continued till I was sent for merely tasting her nu
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standing. Why not abandon every pathy at once and stand upon
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primary syphilis and of chancroid were admitted as also were
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the time she was in the hospital. The morning temperature was
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aside. Under ordinarj circumstances a portable operating table
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That portion of the dock used by the Government known as the
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Whereas It seems expedient to the members of the Edgecombe
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given systematically at the recruiting station near at hand where each
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separating this compartment from the rest of the berth deck.
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greatly relieved the tension. The bowels were moved freely with
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ferred to the naval hospital Norfolk. There were no deaths among
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heredity local origin injury and inflammation etc. as occasional
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were sent inshore oft Cienfuegos to cut a cable leading from that port.
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abnormality and scores of persons corresponding with his descrtpti
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Since arrival at Buenos Ayres there have been a few cases of
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which Lowson gives as. per cent in the Chinese and it is probable
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guardians to grant the customary fee to the club doctor should the latter
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tion. He was then briskly rubbed with lemons split in half and
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year. The average complement was and the total number of
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the credit of the naval hospital fund in pursuance of the provisions
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stated that sclerotomy had been performed by him forty eight times
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orous health sometimes without apparent cause but most usually
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Mortality in Navy and Marine Corps during year. See Deaths.
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passengers should be examined with that end in view and physicians
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ship s water capacity by tanks is gallons. Trimming tanks
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Ulcus. On May a landsman age SSyV was admitted to the
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under consideration. The first important point to be decide
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