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Three hundred and eight cases were under treatment during.
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in front of the sterno mastoid muscle below the angle of the jaw.
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eases and work out the prevention. We must know what the ratio of
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About decayed boards in veranda floor should be renewed. The
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readily yielded to treatment. Though this disease was not as preva
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There were cases of grippe of tonsillitis and of acute rhinitis
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The revelations of the autopsy are of intense interest as illustrating
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seemed to be no connection between the two invasions as the types
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owing to the fire room being situated immediately under it. The four
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for examination for admission into the Medical Corps of the Navy were
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have been in my experience the best astringents in the order
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eruption may be increased or its character changed as from a roseola
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Four tanks averaging gallons each are in the hold. The persist
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Medical Corps of the Kavy has reached the limit established by law.
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upon the citizens calling upon the doctors for help and encourage
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It was not found necessary to administer quinine regularly as a pro
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sive sloughs. I found that the sujjerficial inguinal chains were
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Table IV. Great Lakes. Average complement admissions for disease and injury sick
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Squadron. on the Xorthwestern Lakes. and on the receiv
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The only other item of sanitary interest which I have to mention
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fever anorexia night sweats etc. by eliminating the poisons which
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only througli the day but few have escaped an attack of ague.
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beneath urinals was covered with heavy sheets of lead with scupper
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tion of international interest and of hopeful signification of the desire
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ever been given and he does not discuss its utility. Clinical Medicine