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5. The tendency to heart affection can be explained only on the


the most productive source of the urine sugar begins to flow less

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cause ; and why does it occur only in a small percentage of the total

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body through the pores of the skin, decreasing the amount of urine

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with the neglectful that a neat person would desire. The teeth should

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symptoms by which its existence may be diagnosed. But v/e know

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pollution of our water supply with human dejections. Stomach

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blood is increased through lack of perspiration. It would naturally

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improvement of the mental state. On the other hand, it not infrequently

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cases, and perhaps cure some of those of more simple degree. Phos-

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the dose taken large and the patient's health not robust. The same

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be. The stage of rheumatic endocarditis which not only precedes

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asthma, bronchitis, and the allied diseases that depend upon the

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103° to the normal standard, a fall of five degrees. The case was a

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the day, the case is mild and the health suffers but little. When they

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or else in its being hardened and retained in the sack until it excites

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night with declining severity for five or six times in succession, and

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allied with chronic rheumatism ; but in many other respects they seem

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in those fluids during hot weather. Conse(|uently, uric-acid coni-

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be extended. It interferes with nursing on the part of an infant and

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the seizure, and it would be unreasonable not to regard them as pro-

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powerful way upon the heart and circulation. In addition I would

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ulcerous, gangrenous, toxic and mercurial. Catarrhal stomatitis is

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tagious diseases spread, in order to check, successfully, their onward

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full meal, strong mental emotion, or sexual excitement, or witliout such

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patient ease. If these should disappoint in action, small doses of

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ual liberation of uric acid that takes place slowly in all healthy urine

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to four hours. The patient himself can employ as much time as

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tubular nephritis in lower animals produced by injecting tuberculin. But

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that between forty and fifty years, w^here the occurrence of puberty,

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clinic, 77 ; his exertions for improvement of the college,

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abscess of the throat or neck, and many other affections which

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thickened segments must come in contact before the closing force is

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