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Iowa Central Medical Associaiton. — This Society met in Marshall -

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Circulars were sent to all teachers in the county urging them to fittingly

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Re-enforced plaster dressing for resection of the elbow.

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of the veins become thickened until they are virtually

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there are no sounds indicating pulmonary lesions — in pneumonia, there

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inflammatory conditions of the intestines, in obstruction, in cases of

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he died in an attack that resembled apoplexy, associated

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absence of relapses and an early recovery of normal

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to 5 mg three times a day, can supplement the antihistamines.

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The patient was placed upon the Cream of Tartar and Juniper-Berry Tea, Tincture of tk«

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not as effective with rural populations, in part because conventional

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Re-enforced plaster dressing for resection of the elbow.