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Alexander Kovacs, M D ( 198 1) (Union) Scotch Plains

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crystals within the joint space. The treatment of the acute

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cartilages, therefore wholly. Yet Mr. X. can produce so

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parents of the patient noticed spots over her body and face

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himself, and my late dresser, Mr. Fisher, made a drawing of

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With respect to that fluid which moistens the cellular suh-

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to obliterate its lumen and it is more than probable that the knot

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congenitally acquired rubella virus is responsible for a large

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retention. This may present a problem, especially in

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places which do not carry the letter reference to a breeding place.

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A3-423 HYDATID FLUID. (1) Obtain hydatid fl-aid from a cyst

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these experiments ; which is, that although the last cup being taken from the animal

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Dr. Semon's Case of Partial Extirpation of the Larynx. 45

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broncho-pneumonia, pleurisy or gangrene of the lungs, i. e.

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H P = rate of endogenous heat production. Hp is approximately:

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to liberate the fatty acid (S) corresponding to the Ba-salt soluble in cold

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guarded by armed correction officers on a 24-hour round-the-

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rocks. Both are in deep shade. Neither pool contained larvae during

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strongly contracted. Valve on right side normal. There

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4. Cvitkovic E, Hayes D, Golbey R: Primary combination

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issues. Examples of these include: (a) Use of the social

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The fluids that moisten the diff*erent cavities of the body,

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utilize some other type of transportation at night. The

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flap is delivered inferiorly where critical sculpturing of

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do so during the whole of the evacuation. About eight ounces

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such a supposition, in order to explain the motion of the chyle,

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claim made of late years by M. Mandl^ and others, to the discovery of

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rheumatism, which passed into general pityriasis rubra (der-

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Lungs : Broncho-pneumonia with consolidation at left

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and very near the coronal suture on the left side. The scar

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FLOEENCE F., set. 3, was admitted into the Royal Free

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autopsy” and rapidly placed in culture media. The methods

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festations. has been noted in some patients during therapy.

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Now, when it is considered that the blood of all animals is

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A3*213. — (1) Make a suspension of a 24-hr. agar culture in sterile

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kidney, or even to feel the organ. There was a well-marked

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3. Once reheated, leftover foods should be eaten while hot or