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medical department is imperative. A plan for such a building has been
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the disease has been identified that two very long intervals have
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this operation of dilatation to you as much safer than the cutting
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manner of performing a simple and plain duty we do dot disturb
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probably led to so diminished a rate of inflow as the remaining channels
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Xew Yorl each on the Texas and Cincinnati and each on the
The simplest method of transiDortation and the one causing the least
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only one of which could be considered as originating on the island.
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The surgery of the three great cavities next received attention after
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the excreta was in my opinion alone sufficient to condemn the water.
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of him who possesses it and that to give encouragement to homceo
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It is very true that the human race holds to superstitions with
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Abscess of the liver. A chief boatswain s mate years of age was
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aids of the morbid specimens before him together with the hospital
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out and the drainage of the island completed the great objection to
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resolution was unshaken and he insisted upon being carried
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sent to a hospital but until tlie diagnosis could be made the sick
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enable us to maintain our worJc with vigor and acce dability. All
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presence of insanity and drunkenness prolonged during several
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smallpox beri beri plague and other diseases which are common
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burden. In the past he was surrendered to public contempt to day
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vided. Rooms were fitted for sick officers and quarters provided for
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The application of the Roentgen rays to surgical diagnosis was beau
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naval station at Key West Fla. and a short time afterwards desig
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The second operation is precisely the same as the first only that
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joints were enthusiastic advocates of early resection or arthrectomy in
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tion of a layman such as manifest defect in height cachexia etc.
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the service ten years. On admission there was a loud blowing systolic
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superior to the former and stimulating remedies which may advan
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oculation of diseases through the medium of humanized vaccine.
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resis ensued urine became clear breathing easy and natural. The
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scuttlebutt as well as supplying cold storage and ice is of the Allen
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operation was performed. The abscess behind and to the outer side
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His paper was a very long one and he made interesting arguments
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they are entitled to treatment by tlie medical officer and to medicines
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size which add much beautj to the region among other advantages.
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The ice machine has a capacity of ton a day which provides the
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in ascending being normal over the biceps but much impaired over
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river banks and bottoms etc. it is unfit for even laundry or lavatory
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dividuals vary much in their coloration it is possible that there may
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sis upon the necessity for the endowment of medical colleges by the
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He thought the consolidated orders referred to operations done to
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been no epidemic disease except catarrhus epidemicus of which only
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pneumonia occurring chiefly among these young recruits.
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saturated with moisture and atter this the requisite amount of sul
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longest under observation without relapse. Reprint from Dr.
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only by means of regular calisthenic exercises and employment of
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self inflicted owing to lack of familiarity with the Lee rifle.
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September. Patient passed a restless night at the hospital had
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which has been obtained hy the employment of these medicines. At
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slightly hazy sediment see below taste flat reaction neutral
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Cases from Civil Service Commission received and answered
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me my book almost his last distinct utterance referring to some
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and of primary syphilis and of chancroid were admitted during
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men of almost pounds in weight and more than an inch in height.
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hj the extreme heat and by the lack of air. Fortunately the weather
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commission on February at Mare Island Navy Yard where
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era typhoid fever dj sentery typhus smallpox and bubonic plag ue.
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ment and in plans to be adopted for the prevention of epidemics.
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perspiration over body. Paroxj sms of severe cramps and vomiting
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accepted operation for disease of the ovaries the greatest boon ever
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the engine room escape opens on the superstructure deck immediately
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