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a. General. The ability of uric acid to reduce the hexavalent

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(3) Titration. The titration is carried out as described for

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c. The heart, after being opened, should be stretched on an

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in part before the Harvard Medical Society, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital,

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tion has not been recognized as malum in se ; it is malum pro-

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a radius of 5V£ inches (i.e., 5*4 inches from axis to

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With the water in uremia diuretic drugs may be used, but a

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well preserved, and phagocytic, as may be seen on placing fresh pus on the

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Please pass your eye over the medical literature of the past ten

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hygienic measures in the building and ventilation of such establishments,

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she got to sleep. She also has noted ill-defined numbness in

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(1) Brain tissue obtained at necropsy from cases diagnosed

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1883.] State Legislation and the Practice of Medicine. 163

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The air of the room occupied by the sick child or children may, with

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appears to be rather increasing than decreasing in severity.

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species transmit bubonic plague and endemic typhus. However,

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partial results were at once apparent. But on ceasing to apply

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hemorrhage in the night between the 5th and 6th. There were

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dorsal regions of the spine she winced perceptibly, but relapsed

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The " cottage system " has been spoken of as one means of

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c. Diagnostic Criteria. The demonstration of characteristic

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b. The body louse is found principally on the inner surface of

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well be spared, and who at each meeting will be missed as a friend gone before.

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Bell spoke on "The Scope of Homoeopathy." He said that