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The only treatment to be recommended is removal of the growth. The
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trived as to increase its strength and durability, without impair-
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ing a College Building during the present year. They have in the
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produced by Unemic Poisoning in Chronic Diseases of tho
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may be concluded that the pathogenic organism of erysipelas is present
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area (appendicitis) are very important. It ^"der the plea of just as good than the
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present day, and that my operations can claim no attention simply be-
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the College is not merely an examining body. Connected
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the bone for a considerable distance ; but the bone was
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death he spit bloody sputum twice. The necropsy showed a
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regard for the welfare of others, and an energy and perseverance
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which, with a portion of the omentum, was removed. The resected ends
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without the production of any dropsical effusion. If the aneurism presses upon one or
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may be mentioned that their use in the treatment of intussus-
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A. For visual acuity: (1) Ives apparatus at 20 feet. (2) Snellen
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The lowest part of the cartilage of the tenth rib can-
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exceed ten to fifteen minims of the fluid extract, or two
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The special object of the investigation of the etiology
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maintained in good position. It would require the pre-
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ances the real cause, if sought for. may be found in the rectum
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Correcting a Cervical Lateral Sub-dislocation. Patient
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tion. When the successful candidates were called to present
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Figs. 15, 16, and 17. Models of pyloric glands of rabbit, x 80.
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1963 "The Effect of Intensity of Season of Use on the
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think he vomited blood and frequently vomited his food,
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and G. Kolischer, Chicago ; "ProMatotomy versus Prostatectomy
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The child was discharged improved after the nervous symptoms
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or when they are moved by any one. Stiebd very truthfully describes
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as the anterior ganglionic cells or the nerves remain intact no R.D.
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pharynx, through which the inflammatory process is sup-
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fatal cases, the shortest duration from the attack to the time of death,
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Petersb., 1897, cxc, med. -spec, pt., 803-871.— Shendrikov-
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opened her eyes, but did not speak. Her maid left her for some restorative,
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non-united right and left pars frontalis of the frontal bone ;
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bottom of the pelvis and a second one upward as far as
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of this possibility. It cannot be said that there is no primary erythremia like that
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together. H. P. Mosher (Boston Med. & Surg. Jour.,
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of two per 1,000 in the fifth decade of life to 50 per 1,000
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to do. But of course when all these aids to evolution were compelled
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P18 pipa eappofinyppum 21 pe on heopa 22 inpepbhcum 23
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is caused by spots of degenerated tissue in the pons and its
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country had been thoroughly aroused to a sense of the supreme
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ever, to recommend that exemption from military service,