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As a rule there are no subjective signs of thoracic aneurism until the

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Physical Signs. — Inspection reveals a iinnniiiciil idiitidiii".' just ;il)ovc Ihc

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Treatment. — Posture, rest, a restricted diet, and mild laxatives are advo-

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that give relief to asthmatics maybe divided miothxeQ(i\£i^^e&: depressants,

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the parenchyma in which they are imbedded. Surrounding these masses

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begins to worry about himself, fearing some serious organic lesion. It is a

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chronic intestinal catarrh in children. Syphilis is probably its most fre-

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the ankles, extending upward until there is general anasarca. It is a no-

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On percussion there will be more or less dullness over the infra-clavicular

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layers ; even the subcutaneous fat may be infiltrated with blood. No

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ground in cliaractcr. Dilatation of the stomach is more frequent with

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in that it especially refers to the fermentative process taking place in

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beat. As soon as the systemic circulation is overloaded from insufficiency

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Symptoms. — Measles, like the other exanthematous fevers, if uncompli-

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with tubercular granulations, which are also disseminated through the new

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bone should be removed. If it arises from a wound, this should at once

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Etiology. — Local causes. — (1) In the kidney the conditions which induce

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jority of cases the temperature does not rise more than 1° or 2° F. It may

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ecchymotic. There is always more or less lymphangitis present. It seems

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entrance of the vagina. The walls are usually thin and they may

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while an anterior splint ^ extending beyond the wrist, should be applied.

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orrhage will take place into the pharynx. Certain of the cranial nerves

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be heard distinctly in the early stages, but later the murmur nearly always

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in order to be sufficiently impregnated with the poison to render it a means

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involving the tonsils, the posterior wall of the pharynx, and the anterior

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tion of cases, it first begins in the head of the femur, while other times

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and has not since had a recurrence of the trouble. The treatment was

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colored, of high specific gravity, often containing albumen and casts.

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separated by a small interval. The artery may be readily tied at this

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the circumscribed capsular thickening. The coats of the he])atic veins

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The more ahrupt the onset the hetter the prognosis. The average duration

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lower extremity of the fissure of Eolando will then be found two and

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Diffuse. Circumscribed abscess formation is similar to that which

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Tumors of the Bladder are benign and malignant. The benign are

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non-impacted, but the impacted form is extremely rare, and when it

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affected side, or of the entire chest if both pleurae are affected.

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