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and the consequent dwindling of the thus speedily emptied vessel.

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soldier from the moment he falls in action until his restoration to health

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dence which they have heard. On the other hand we are requested

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There was not a single case of smallpox admitted during the year

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ports and by three inch ports and three screen windows opening on

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solution made. A fibrinous membrane continued to come away in

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kill joins the Delaware River near by and the sewage polluted water

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wounded both on the Brooklyn. The number of casualties on the

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diseases specified has been greatly increased and every facility given

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cines from the medical officer of the Aharenda as circumstances permit.

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the poison is completely eliminated. On account of the time required

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resistance to supply which seems the main cause of the deficienc

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Avill therefore to a great extent determine whether a given species

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ture the wound of exit was often large and irregular in outline. In

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trapped with an S trap and the wood supports of the sink renewed.

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city and the annual dinner will take place a communicating w.th

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to the Bureau and the continued large number of reports of medical

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the gun deck and no forced ventilation. Air shafts have been recom

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involve distant organs in excitement and morbid change. The

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of Person Caswell Chatham Alamance and Granville not infre

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than per cent and among the total sick treated less than per

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fleet so the best professional assistance at hand might prove a failure

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He stated that though many Norwegian lepers had been introduced

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materially to the care of the men of the command and entailed an

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of the afternoon of September three daily meetings were held and

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