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The question of increasing the cubic capacity of the junior officers

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of abdominal surgery for the relief of obstructive conditions believ

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piece of sponge with tape attached in the upper vagina. Of course

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a pulsific power inherent in the coats of the arteries themselves or to

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for further hospital treatment. Continued under treatment. Num

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as to the frequency with which tuberculosis is communicated through

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much impressed with the excellent furnishings of the ship throughout.

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been paid for eggs and about cents per pound for meat. The

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time gravity besides being a constant force was also the most potent

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tendency toward collapse at any period patient must be revived with

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docs not always act alone but in dyspeptic subjects inhalations of

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gia meningitis nausea marina neuralgia neurasthenia sciatica

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system so that cool water from overboard will be circulated instead.

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empty. At the point where the transverse became the descending colon the large

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favourite argument of antivaccinators that natural small pox as they

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necessity of first aid is greatly emphasized by this officer. On a

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sleeves the ordinary form. A steel bar stretcher passes through

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The ship s surgeon had seen no plague. All of these patients were

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The indiscriminate use of the chisel and the trephine in the hands

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forty days in the dry dock thirtj days Naples Italy April to April

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The dispensary is too small. It is overcrowded dark and ill venti

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Appendicitis. A seaman aged years and months was admitted

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arose from the fact that on several occasions the officers luartcrs and

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disease of the root zone of the posterior columns. Disease cf the

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causes. About a dozen men were poisoned from eating cheese of

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it. Her violent sickness produced no effect upon its progress. The

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person on board ship who had not been vaccinated within a period of

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A young sailor aged was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital

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wardroom is the steam steering room. Between this and the ward

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August the ship was in service in Southern waters. Since returning

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two stories in height. The former contains a wash room with

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wine and spirits mustard and a host of other excitants cause the

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for years be moistened and dried again withoutloss of reproductive

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certain rules which he regarded as well established.. Inthatform

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The meeting of the association was held in Ottawa Canada Septem

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and that there were innumerable cases of slow poisoning from it. An

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injuries and operations which the present generation has witnessed is

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to four berries which are at first green then red and tinalh when

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the usual smallpox the men were given day and night liberty recruits

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In my opinion the work recommended is needed for the preservation of

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in. The uterus being heavier than normal olten becomes

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fever were reported from the Albatross and from the Adams. The

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up with the apparatus necessary for undertaking such work and it is

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still defects in the heating system to which attention is called.

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precisely in proportion to the difficulty of procuring salted fish is as

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were largely reconstructed as the floors were placed some distance

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The condition of the cells has been sanitar and there has not been

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breathless expectation when off she went into a convulsion.

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During our anchorage near the island May the tempera

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reerecting the partition and sundry other repairs and carpenter work

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ulation commanded somewhat more attention. He believes that the

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I did not encounter anj one in authority that presumed anything

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great. For all such men a general mess is formed but the members

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nonconducting material louvers introduced for hot air escapes addi

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dispensary was erected on the protective deck aft on the port side

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They were on the eve of inaugurating a system of injections of

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Of the cases admitted were ascribed to climatic causes. Two

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quaintancewith it. All of which may with justice be held to indicate