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forms. If phenol be present a yellowish white crystalline precipi
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when at sea. In fair weather in port with all ventilators open and
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Avas requested to continue the subject which he did in a pamphlet
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years occasionally troubled with asthma and some suspicions of
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possible in order that their own garments may be disinfected.
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hospitals in the United States and were invalided from the service.
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The distilliug plant has a daily capacity of about gallons.
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fresh a washstand with running water water closet with one seat
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means of communication between this hospital and the men at the
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T erof electric lamps in hospital and annexes number of electric
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the disease ran a very mild course the patient being thoroughly free
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improving somewhat in general condition a mild fever developed.
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easily obtained viz. sweet oil and soft soap. Of course I do not
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Personnel surgeon passed assistant surgeon apothecary
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The newly elected President Dr. Haywood of R ileigh was then
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accomplish this if force were used for its frequent tiushing. Owing to
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are endured until relief can be sought at tlie yard dispensary during
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their correction while others have more recentlj come to notice and
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Table IX. Force afloat detailed statement i Continued.
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from leprous countries is impracticable. Soldiers returning from a
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the water closest. The veranda is supplied with chairs eas and
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The occasion would seem to be favorable to call attention in as urgent
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cured brought back to me on a future occasion with distinct ringworm
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never be in perfect sanitary state. It could only be satisfactory at
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he has learned to regard with greater diffidence his own powers
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Virginia and at Key West or Tortugas Fla. from January until
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very bad condition when suddenly reeommissioned. Her decks above
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The ventilating system of the ship has been thoroughlj overhauled
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Usually a ship is divided into four main portions therefore in cleaning and
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elitis periostitis pemphigus ulcer chancroid neuritis hysteria
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it or if granted whether the auditor would allow it. The club.was perfectly
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Dr. Wood urged upon the membc rs of the Society to give their
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variety. On the day of admission the penis was amputated about an
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The mucous membrane of the stom ich in a healthy condition is
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by old adhesions and the lower part contained about ounces of
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ble in carrying out and putting into operation the most suitable meas
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Seventeen hundred cases of eruptions rashes etc. are given and
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ever thej did not correspond with the situation of the bubo and
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A few drachms of this agent on a towel is sufficient to produce
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observers. Many of them agreed very closely in stating a mode of
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I did not find another s ono and convalescence though naturally
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Eecognizing in the great tendency to death from heart failure and in
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The game of football furnished admissions to the sick list with
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Altona was due to tbe filtration of its water supply.
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health or possible. disease. The subject is one on which
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Invaliding. Twenty seven cases were discharged from the service
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diseases cases of pulmonary consumption cases of gonorrhoea
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ment. As the stump gave trouble and was an incumbrance the entire
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irrigator white enameled basins white enameled pitchers immer
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furniture on hand and self closing door springs adapted to all the
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the comfort of the occupant is accomplished with the minimum sacrifice
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ankylosed together both by bodies and arches. The lumbar vertebras
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which serve eventually only for the due nutrition of the tissue