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heat in alcoholic flame and touching the ulcerated surface with it.
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has been decided to proceed with the construction of a reservoir for
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The initial cubic air space of the living quarters is shown in the
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tematically tried by him Annales de I lnstitut Pasteur Paris
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tion of acetic or citric acids and afterwards put on clean clothing
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It was excised. Microscopically tlie tumor was composed essen
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tails of which will be found in Watt s Dictionanj and othei works
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instructive address devoted to sanitary progress and Prof. William
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These are symptoms almost peculiar to angina pectoris and this case
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not the case in the two instances I have mentioned.
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The ventilation of the superstructure is effected by natural means
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new cooking ranges installed and an improved hot water boiler intro
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from the modern cruisers that even the time honored names of the
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Great attention is paid to athletic training and development not
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for a battle between two hostile powers. Arrayed on the one side is
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By William C. Braisted Passed Assistant Surgeon United States Navy.
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Eearick United States Navy and an electric light system has been
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ment of tuberculosis and particularly on the treatment in curative
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The Lord President and Mr. Mundella expressed their warm sym
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health or possible. disease. The subject is one on which
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ing appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June
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Pathology in ihe new chair of Pathology in Aberdeen University and
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Or if this is impracticable the shijDS on duty here should be sent
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and October Medical Director J. M. Browne was ordered in
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I was assigned to the charge of half a large ward containing between
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and other buildings. The shij is housed over heated from a steam
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years of training. Such a man is self reliant and accustomed to the
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Topics. Published by the Association. Jackson Miss Clarion