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traps the covers of which were movable that there was no accumula
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more recent style of bowl is to be recommended. There are two closets
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the air space per occu Dant being cubic feet. The arrangement of
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weak and nervous the slight shock of the operation did less harm
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position and to be freely movable in the bladder. Lateral lithotomy
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this kind of surgery. Dr. Senn asked the question Where is this
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The commandant always interested in the health and welfare of
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cleaned in detail by the engineer s force. All stores were removed
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ing he was ver irritable and nervous and his temperature was not
iately available. The kitchen is in the main building
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the rifle carrj ing small fragments of the brass shell and pieces of
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They are arranged by means of reversing valves so as to exhaust
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the disease. But one more case developed at sea twelve days later
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treatmeut. Of cases of febris enterica were returned to duty and
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pylorus or stomach had extended to adjacent organs or had given rise
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It has control of an elaborate disinfection service in the capital city
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There can be no question that occasions must arise when a resort
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and by distending pressure enlarged the diaphragmatic opening thus
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very slow was complete. The ceclema of lungs and legs faded
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sick and are the first to show the debilitating effects of service. It
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The smaller building is two rooms deep divided by a longitudinal
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twcnly four hours or sometimes more frequently. They are apt to