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out any fluid, and toward the third day the patient is allowed
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remedy is sought after or bought. This of itself is sufficient recommendation of its
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habitants; in 1864 the ratio was 29 per 1000; and in 1865 it
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Present History. — The illness began sLx years ago when she
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in putting it into an English dress, he has not quite laid aside
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into the throat, and in the latter part of the case the symptoms of
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careless manner in which burial places have been selected, it often happens that
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blood-vessels^ or to simple dilatations of pre-existing blood-
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passion or the effect of medicine. Thus, insanity may be caused by one or any of
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2. We have only apace to giye the general result at which M.
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day, as in scripture times of old, would forever banish the curse of masturbation ;
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1. On the Senaitineness of the Soinal Cord to Electrical excitation,
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About ten years ago a tuberculous patient under my care,
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aceoratelj described at some length in an interesting quotation
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quite dear of the vulva, and the lock is the reverse of the ordinary
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mother's arms. Lips, genitals, and dependant parts of the body,
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the present paper is written in order to induce in students the
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May 24, 1921. The mother died of diabetes at the age of forty.
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or else intermittent with periods of health between the exacerba-
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the larger vessels red blood is seen. The eyelids have become visible previously, and
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examination, as detailed below, will bring to fight a number of
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streaking of the size of the round cells in the cancroid cones
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plexion of the patient or whether it be due to congestion. A
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the solution, distilling and evaporating to the consistence of turpen-
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+ Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine
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love is engendered, and both parties are rendered happy in the enjoyment of the
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and nosophen, and is used as an external antiseptic.
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what is wrongly termed the '^middle lobe of the gland /' it is also
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curs not less in the human race than among animals ; and no less influences the
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tinue this unless nausea or vomiting appeared. She was to re-
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has shown this to be a valuable procedure, particularly in patients
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known by yellowness of skin. The point, therefore, to be considered by all is this :
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painful ; it is dangerous and often fatal; it seldom or ever effects a cure, even where
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may be termed its text. ^' It is a delusion/' says Spinoza, ^' on
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face of every one wears a garb of sorrow, and smiles are scarcely known — where
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earth, — that lie cannot bask in tho sunshine of their smiles and look back lovo to
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ate and remote Effects. By Geoboe Lawson, F.R.C.S.,
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b. Watery sublimate. — Immediate thickening of liquid with
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Mr. Cu^enven, in the paper now before us, which was read
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is mainly owing to the researches of Bright ana Todd, following
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had no spermatozoa, 26 died of old age. The spermatozoa, when
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