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no satisfactory explanation why the right side was so regu-
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7,000. No other disease could show anything like such an
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that he erred in omitting to reply to Dr. V.'s letter of December 12tb,
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ately contracted and was drawn out of the wound ; two pins
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of the pigment from the kidneys, and the storing of it up in
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the vasomotor centre by the action of chloroform, but also
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but certainly ignorant, girls commenced fitting themselves
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centres or foci, is clearly brought out. Several facts are also recorded
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in 1793. He endured great hardships from the severe weatlier
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Chairman of the Parliamentai? Bills Committee of the British
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The official medical statistics of the French army for 1890. which have
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a class sometimes — though, in this country at least, most
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reported in New York on January 4th, of which twelve oc-
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It isa very peculiarantiseptic, having extremely little influence
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in the case of Milton v. the Bosphore Egyptien, has, neverthe-
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became extremely breathless and livid, and felt as if she were
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Geburtshillfliches Vademecum jur Studirende und AerUe. [A
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since then he had been much worse than before. I removed his )ett
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of liis adoption. On the incorporation of the town lie was
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infectious paupers in their own homes, and on casting the
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ing on the surface." This, it seems, was the magnetic photo-
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and was readmitted. She was sallow, weak, and unable to
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though he did not take the A.M. degree. Having chosen
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mination of his illness. He won the esteem of all classes by
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of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St.
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Inned with electricity. The paper was illustrated by a table
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M.E.C.S. (Newport, Isle of Wight), Professor John Chiene,
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if the fall of pressure in the aorta is due to the chloroform
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London the ratio of the deatlis from measles to those from all
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but he must have contracted the disease either at Leicester, or on his
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Messrs. R. Smith and Son, Mid Calder, have sent a sample
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and it is not fair to patients suffering from other and less
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hours as minute white points; each colony was perfectly round,
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used in these investigations, and that before this was done
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enteritis and other symptoms. After death, according
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eisht hours, when he showed symptoms of rallying. This attack of
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Me. E. ^V. Emtage has been reappointed medical officer of the Parkham
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minute anatomy of this organ, that' " one, possibly the chief,
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oesophagus and stomach three months after sulphuric acid