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be an important element in the causation of deaths from labour, then
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Wharton informs us that, at common law, the destruction
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mal salt solution. To sustain the relief to some ex-
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fail, it is usually the sex that is blamed. The natural reaction
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DuBois Rejmond, has remarked, that in a tetanized limb of a frog, the gastrocnemius mtiB-
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to make it inadvantageous to detach these, but make it wise to pro-
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circumstances causing contraction of the vessels diminished the
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at Oxford ; to anatomy he added music, and became pro-
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phenomena noted in osteopathic practice. We desire to
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standing until two weeks ago, when they also disappeared.
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doses of five or ten minims of the tincture or more) and with good results.
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presence of a brain seems not to be essential, because acephalous
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whom are the Medical Officers of most Hospitals and Dispensaries,
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consequent contraction which often follows the latter
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easily be reconstructed. Students who really know anything about the
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In case of specimens presented for examination note the form,
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ered, filling up the left half of the glottis iind concealing the
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patient and the occurrence of intercurrent disease likewise enfeeble the heart.
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keeping the hand and arm in a sling, if swelling is very marked.
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Examination shows a spasm (?) two inches below pharynx.
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What it is not; and some of its advantages," by Dr. J. M.
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lentil up to a pea, and are often surrounded by a red-coloured
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ment includes range-of-motion exercises, optimal posi-
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and will doubtless prove of value in the diagnosis, prognosis, and
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