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examination of the various subjects submitted for discussion in the
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nor all together were sufficient to have causecl death. They were
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Cavite are not exceptional where the fatality was so great notwith
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for in this report. These with the cases occurring on board this
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seem undesirable to attempt aseptic operations of magnitude in the
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During the visit I made many notes on matters not mentioned in
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FehrisremiUens. During the first month after the arrival of the
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fortable cottage situated on the shore the majority of the men lived
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The greenhouse was repaired and enlarged and brick ash pit placed
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The dispensary situated in the after compartment of the forward
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staterooms in very cold weather was represented to the Department in
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used to throw water in case of fire. Steam connection has also been
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tain ranges which extend the whole length of Luzon.
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At the hospital he remained some months and when discharged had
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per of force and of. per of admissions. These ratios
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bay aft on the berth deck and to increase the heating apparatus.
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that irritation experienced in any single branch may be conveyed
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have been pointed out in former sanitary reports especially in regard
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The transportation of wounded to the sick bay is so difficult that
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mic or simple continued fevers which are so common elsewhere par
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It disajipeared in a week under appropriate treatment. He however
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My year s experience has sirggested to me many other points
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Abdominal wound healed soon after admission. As there was no
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above mentioned employed at the navj yard. With the exception of
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vival of cholera vibrios that are more noteworthy than any of the recent
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and pneumonia and each by erysipelas pneumonic tuberculosis
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Among the former was Assistant Surgeon lohn B. Gibbs who was
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in their cultivation and even a good washing of such vegetables in
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For tearing down and removing present naval hospital building and a gt pendages