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voyage from Talien AYan in spite of rigid disinfection. At the third
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I vaccinated on May officers and men who seemed to require
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cut up by a fine network of small rivers and water ways through
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remaining but giving no trouble. In one of these the external wound
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human bacillus of tubercular products. They then inflicted injuries
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mostly scattered cases however. It spread cjuite extensively into the
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in Shanghai until September when merchant sailors Avere attacked.
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building utilized as atemporarj hospital consists of several apartments
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rounding land and interfering seriously with drainage. In the act mak
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exactly what the deviation from the normal was and how to remedy it.
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became weak flickered and stopped the face became livid J but
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sequently at the United States naval hospital Cavite and later on this
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The wounds were very easj to distinguish the small Mauser bullet
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submarine pipe of larger caliber has been prepared which is to take
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indefinitely and has the taste and freshness of recently collected milk
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This work became essential in order to carry on duty intelligently at
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siders that the use of the injections of water seem worthy of more
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officers and private soldiers instructed in disinfecting work. Iliko
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Asia Minor the Pirteus and Algiers. This type of fever has been called
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vessels a combat between two or more evenly matched ships would
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In obedience to the Department s order of April I attended
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entirely changed the sanitary features of the place before highly
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a stable sclerotate. The acid and its sodium salt have the thera
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have not caused apathy and indifference on the part of some of the
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centuries when smallpox wax cither natm. r inoculated was cnor
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which wc can recognize as performed by them is that of unlimited
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excessive amount of heat and moisture from the large steam pipes
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The case was somewhat prolonged on account of his general debili
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I. per in the four large Italian cities and ranged from
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B of poisoning by carbolic acid occurred in my practice on May
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actions and efficient uses of the valves of the heart.. That the
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purchased and designated as an ambulance ship. The vessel was sent
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ment of this disease must be arrived at bj the general direction or
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tional list of operations and cures which contrasted very
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assistance of a Professor of the Roman University Dr. Tommasi
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the head and neck thirdly indisposition to move much tenderness
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of the best results. With reference to the climate in low countries
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vious year. The avera e number of cases daily under treatment was
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would seem worse than folly to perpetuate them by further repairs. It is
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then held their meetings alternately at Morganton and Raleigh and
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date having been founded and perfected during the last half of the