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years of age, and has practically kept it up ever since.
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her request, there being no perceptible difference between the
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beds, to occupy a position on the south side of the same grounds ;
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Dr. Laurent formed a sheath for the nerve from a fresh,
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in cases of catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membranes.
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prosperity, and at his death he bequeathed to it his pathological mu-
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and fulfilled the duties of that office meritoriously for seven years,
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of the Medical Advisory Board, No. 43, United States Army. Dr.
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country. We have here, according to the report in " The Transac-
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shone forth, with very satisfactory results, at the meeting of the
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He received the degree of M. D. in 1811, and returned to
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position until his death. Dr. Stimson was attending surgeon at the
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fever, and said the deaths of the few patients whom he had lost
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(aurum), and other evil apprehensions. Alumina is suitable to
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markable fact that the disease is much more frequent in certain regions than
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in his Bed, and had considerable Quantities of Blood mingled
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Relations," by G. E. Waring, jun., is worthy the closest attention,
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in various dilutions, often cure. He had frequently had very
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Entering into private practice in New York City, in 1893, he formed
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quite steadily At that time the skinny discharges re-appeared
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the head and face seldom undergo noticeable change, but we often find that
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at Dansville, New York, in 1840, and died April 26, 1901, son of
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filling some beneficent purpose wherein will yet be seen that
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himself with great credit, and on one occasion he was
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independent thought." This "claim," as our readers may
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organ, or the impression of a thought or desire felt in the past,
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a vacancy which the appointing board sought to fill by securing the
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memory a shorter time than the cases to which they relate.
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We do not need to speak at length about the treatment of the complica-
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America, and in 1878 established himself in an office in New York
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finally discharged, it is mingled in the urine and faeces with
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On the TIBIAL EXTREMITY the lesions are rarely of the
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seventh year, and of pure Saxon stock. He is just bud-
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doubtful whether this can occur with pointed bullets. This
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various other foreign associations, having been also the chairman of