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that this parasite may remain in the tissues in a state of absolute

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Arthur Talienwan and Niuchwang China. The return to Nagasaki

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Pharmacopoeia a table of saturations and the Committee wis cm

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obtained by exhausting the air in one ipavt of the berth deck and

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ities of modern naval construction. In our old type of wooden ship

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In other words the absolute annual growth values for each and all

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and warmed air to compartments far removed from the outside air air

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plained of insatiable thirst. During this period he had been unable

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of the iris might be harmless for after injuries which produced this

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strates conclusively the necessity of initiating without delay such stej s

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The cleanliness of the ship is still maintained and her sanitary con

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castle and one aft. It contains the ice machine and galley. The gun

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at tlie same time reducing its acidity it is diapJioirtic and mildly

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extending over a period of six months with the following results

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mal point. At the beginning of his relapse the patient had a decided

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respiration. In rickets some of the most marked changes are

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The number invalided from the service was the ratio being.

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to be included in the inquiry but without success. Dr. Rumsey was

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aneurysm of the left popliteal space of about six weeks duration.

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included the treatment of eight cases of sole excoctus five being aggra

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moderate circumstances or even those without means might for a

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inosculation of arteries with veins. He has written In the same way

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majority of surgeons c pecially those who have lately written on

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the influence of the remedy but it seems unlikely that it will be

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moist places at room temperatures. Growth takes place at C in

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sitive feelings of the newly fledged disciple of the same noble call

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former medical attendant in not explaining. This is always embar

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a perceptible amount of dust and impurity goes down upon the surface

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to breathe more rapidly and taking a deeper respiration and breaking

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series of experiments covering a number of years which convinced

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a decision as will eliminate with comparative certainty all obstruc

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On approaching a port where disembarkation is anticipated every person should

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difference of opinion that the one drug morphia is equally useful as

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ammoniacal odor and I think it would be well to substitute for the

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Joseph Land the yacht was last seen on July th by some

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We trust that the author will find his undertaking of sullicient

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chilling of the body. Under snch circumstances iheumatism and

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the event of death with perfect equanimity. He was a native of

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between the decline of the second epidemic and the appearance of the

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heart there being albumen and blood casts in the urine and a basic

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directed to his name or another or whether he has subscribed or

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LiNAS. Articles requiring illustrations can ie jjromjjtlij supjjlied by

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There was probably a previous slight attack and the walls of the

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cases of malarial disease of simple continued fever of dj sen

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firm and resisting. It really looked as if the whole bulk of tissue

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taotai in the Old City and the practice has extended to the neighboring