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discretion. Five days quarantine was then imposed. Extra precau

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An incision parallel to and above Poupart s ligament was made and

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upon the discussion of practical questions connected with the organ

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I desire to emphasize the suggestion of my i redecessor as to the

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naval hospital an account of which will be found among special

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rical. The skull has not the large square character of true rickets

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Ihe general health in good condition and the stump free from pain.

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intravenous injections mentioned offer little to be recommended over

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on the opium alkaloids that whilst narceine is the most soporific ele

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used method of injecting resulting erysipelas cysts transmission

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and in preventing the generation of sewer gases. Mr. Hughes said

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running squalls were frequent during the night sometimes accom

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voyage from Talien AYan in spite of rigid disinfection. At the third

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upper deck. The military mast serves as a discharge for the after

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Samoa and Aukland New Zealand. The ship lay at Norfolk Va.

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heart and involved a small part of the descending aorta. There were

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affection. The use of the milk of diseased cows is especiallj detri

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foci of myelitis spots of insulHi fcVrosis. growths h nd pressure

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The whole area was carefuU graded and the graves properly

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Fifth day Mne a. m. patient better foot less swollen redness nearly

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of the Treasury Department which have heretofore followed the usual

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organic purity the Hongkong water supplies will compare favorably

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mended to lead from the inboard corner and side up through the deck.

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Table shows the average results obtained during the last four years.

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is preliminary to their addition to the clothing outfit that additional

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beginning and succeeded in raising conntlefs millions of young

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prudent not only to secure cleanliness b y mechanical means but also

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had a long history of malarial cachexia was admitted on September

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