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tion is delayed. In this case proceed as if fermentation

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248. Stain for Diphtheria Bacillus (Laybourn Modification of

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observation of patients throughout the comparatively long and

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ary standards, because the qualities of convenience and

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form the initial symptoms are, as a rule, less acute and less per-

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is of the greatest help in washing out the poison or in diluting it ; this is often

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In his treatment of insomnia he lays particular stress upon

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hardly fail to affect the health." Such is the belief of our Supreme

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in a similar manner to the procedure described in paragraph 507

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therapeutics. The symptom was troublesome as well as painful;

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to swarm on ordinary agar or failure to liquefy gelatin promptly,

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enter the aorta and the systemic circulation, or it may become fixed on

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was 17'24 times less, and the incidence of cholera 19*27 times less than

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meeting, the time of which was fixed for the second Tuesday in

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is not the fact that the fluid is not removed from the cyst, nor

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each person, and also that of his family, living or dead, for three

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rash. Cases with severe bronchitis are somewhat more subject

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3. On the other hand, the saturated solution used in pro-

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pathological facts. In truth this false impression prevailed to a

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monia ; nervous symptoms, FlG ' 10 -~ A mild or abortive case of ^P hoid fever '

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(1) Slides to be used for preparation of stained smears must

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made immediately after the color is developed, or can

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harmless by the various secretions, such as the bile or the pancreatic and gastric

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be examined during quiet breathing in order that one may be

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4 weeks. The lymph nodes are less often involved in this

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walls, the ascitic state of the abdomen, and the exhaustion con-

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that during the French expedition to Mexico a plant was discovered, called by the

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selhoeft's paper. He does not understand that Hahnemann ever

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0.5 ml Kolmer saline solution, and 1 ml of complement

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dish to prevent dust, debris, roaches, and flies from reaching the

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(1) Micro-organisms of this group are essentially non-

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out passion, bringing scientific training to bear from all sides,

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semisolid medium (2 to 5 ml per 100 ml medium). Poured plates

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Building, East Concord Street, Thursday evening, the 8th inst.

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frequently. If coagulation of the plasma occurs within 3 hours,

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