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vires if they attempted in any way to interfere with private
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lesion found, occasionally with involvement of the cervical meninges
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pallor from anemia is also present. In interstitial nephritis anemia is
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In proportion to the extent of the bronchitis will the healing powers of
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nitrite of amyl. Into the sinus vinosus he fixed a cannula,
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YONGE, Eugene S., MB., c.M.Edin., appointed House-Surgeon to the
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of gas. A still further exciting cause is from exposure to sudden cold,
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patient was allowed to get up. On October 19tli the arm was
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forearms. The bones of the rr(ai^■ are unaffected, with the exception of
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to account lor the symptoms seemed less probable because the>
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thabnos or goiter, often causes such extreme emaciation that the
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The symptoms of this condition are pain radiating over the side of
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occurs. "Lin. tannici co.' is mainly an alcoholic solution
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Watson mentions the case of a jockey at the Newmarket races,
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irritation of the branches of the phrenic nerve widely distributed on
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this respect hysteric convulsions resemble those of epilepsy, so that a
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N.B. — Exceptionally central and well-lighted rooms have
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tubercle bacillus has no liking for fresh air and is killed by direct sun-
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such facts, so as to build up the malady constituted by the
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7'>>*r v?c/ind great characteristic of inflammatory pain is that it is
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7. The Section. — I always make the section in the upper
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Dr. Hoffman — are at one on the necessity for compulsory
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2 6a-:ette des Ht}})iianT, December. lf>th, 18^2.
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disease is that they are specific in their characters, and distinctively
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lield," contains a description of the church and Its monuments ; and the
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incision, the only resource left to the surgeon is drain-
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tion. In health, expiration begins immediately with the end of inspi-
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was transferred by Mrs. Hope, partly to augment the salary of the pro-
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*^ V .. X :-.v-H iXHit these two subjects are from what
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£15 to £22, or purchased secondhand from £7 to £12. The
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The force of our correspondent's criticism, as it applies to
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W\s\\^ tM <1h^ tulcl<lle and close of the second week to drop, often rapidly.
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The Committee of the Pathological Society have reported
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days in other conditions ; in fact there is hardly any emer-
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fermented milks are the best adapted, both for nutrition and f<^