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Squires are fine illustrations of what our North Carolina men are doing.

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alarms were of almost daily and nightly occurrence ; and that

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moderate amount of intelligence, but a large share of moral power, that is, a resolute self-

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c.c. of blood were taken from a vein. Death occurred

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Healthy men only carry the disease with them in their clothes,

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sixteen recorded cases of " sensory aphasia " in which the lesion was

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either side, preferably by safety-pins, to admit of free

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584. — Sciianz ( F. ) Ein Hornhautinikroskop imd ein

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117 patients a pulse-rate below 50 was noted during convalescence. In

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pulse of 120 ; from which slie rallied after some hours.

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any distinct succession of his ideas. He hears, for example, the report

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vestigation. In highly sensitive patients with rigid


after three or four weeks. In another case, however, in which

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Africa Company. Returning to this country he joined the

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pneumatosis was cured by three successive punctures made with a hyarocele

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of potassium will be found a good remedy to stimulate

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with cerebral symptoms, few seem to have been adequately treated.

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cases in which the main symptoms were laryngeal. But I think that no one

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With 66 Woodcut Illustrations. Small 8vo, price 6s.

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6. Central myelitis. An inflammation of the central parts of

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the urinary tract) , yet this one sign the writer has invariably observed,

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found that simply inoculating the culture-medium with

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disease, and were considered fit cases on whicn to try the experiment. The

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in connection with Arsenic internally. It is designed for

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characteristic odor of illuminating gas in such cases is usu-