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sibility and on the other hand screen them from unjust reproaches.
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one for the officers and one for the crew each capable of holding
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lectually deficient from youth up and had as had also his sister an
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head of malaria could be added to the yellow fever sum.
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into an operating room. We did not feel justified in operating with
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staterooms bathrooms etc. with a cubic air space of over feet.
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cruising distance was miles. At Norfolk smallpox was prev
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garded and by a majority of one or two a female physician was
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Observation would lead me to believe that gall stones are far more
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filled basins. A constant flushing system or replacing the funnel
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on the upper side with a free open space between and should have
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officer shall have instead of a single room which in some instances is
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officers to give it to deserving men coming off watch when they show
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known to check the spread of this dreadful affection I would urge
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ance of the disease among those returned to duty at the navy yard
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trophy of the muscular fibres. This condition is very difficult to
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a decrease of when compared with the previous year. Of those
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these and other defects need not be dwelt upon and the vessel will
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deserves a fair trial at the hands of competent surgeons in well
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man unless more of the commuted rations be retained and the men be
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the bunkers. To do this thoroughly is a verj difficult matter and
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the usual furniture a dispensary and an operating room equipped and
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cold water a water closet and a permanent washstand. The position
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enough having been brought up at a meeting of the central bureau of
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lent me hammock mattresses. Six fine leather covered chairs
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