nasal wash night and morning. Such a lotion can be sniffed up the nostrils

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ing, pulsating, sensitive tumor in the region of the broad

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lema is also a frequent concomitant, and deficiency of breath on exercise,

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Phjrsical Signs. — ^The abdomen protrudes if effusion be present or if the

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pia mater was injected. The substance of the brain was of a dusky

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disproportionate fibrosis that is likely to be diffuse, as in the so-called

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that he may have to practice physic or surgery, or both, and if such

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adult for which it is especially adapted. Indeed, I have often

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senting the countries mentioned. The proceedings, however, are published daily

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If the patient is seen six months or a year after the attack, the affected

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suled j^ellow tubercles, or from pulmonary cavities not siu-rounded on all

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used dangerous drugs, are at risk for low weight-for-age.

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ness with which it breaks down when attacked by disease.

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rapidly. I have been led to doubt whether, in general, active treatment

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the first few days. "Small differences are noted in mild as well as in the

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were passed ; this at last ceasing for several months. In May,

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Weismann, A.: "Essays Upon Heredity," 1889; "The Variation

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yet, encouraged by the success of Pean and Porro in their

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and, in fact, had abortal disease. A large number of

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demic of 1854, not only in the cholera hospitals, but in '

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probable that Professor Loomis has been misled bv others

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upon he greatly congratulated himself. But they only yielded


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to deal with vaginal hsmatocele, but the introduction of

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The first ten to twenty-five days he receives also, if

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patient's history, and it is interesting that we should have psoriasis now, in a

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streams and pure fields in which their leisure hours are sp< nt

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twenty-live milligrammes given to a cat produce in a few

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for the group of organisms. In a large percentage of the cases tested

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Commence on the last Thursday of February, annually,